vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Israeli Doctor Fired for 'Anti-Gay' Remarks: No Regrets

Dr. Sudi Namir, who was fired from the Israel Medical Association Ethics Committee for controversial comments he made about homosexuals on an internet forum, has defended his comments in an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva.

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Stocks slump on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange after global dive

Stock dropped sharply on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Sunday, in the wake of plummeting markets across the world that began in China and caused tumbles in Europe and the US.

Fearing a new global financial crisis, Tel Aviv’s TA-100 Index saw its worst day of trading Sunday since September 2011, falling 4.10 percent. Total turnovers reached approximately NIS 1.4 billion ($360 million) with small shares and bio-med companies leading the drop. At the close on Sunday, the TA 25 Index lost 4.08 percent, hitting a new three month low.

Shanghai’s stock exchanged opened with an eight percent drop on Monday, throwing Asian markets into a frenzy. Tokyo’s Nikkei fell 3.09 percent by late morning and Seoul’s exchange dove by 1.88 percent.

Monday’s early losses follow a Friday nosedive in US and European stocks. The emerging currencies market plummeted with several commodities reaching historic lows.

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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange bounces back

Bezorgdheid over stagneren van economische groei Israel

Say No To Iran Deal

Khamenei roept opnieuw op tot vernietiging van Israël

Ben Carson Accuses Obama Of Turning His Back On Israel

vrijdag 21 augustus 2015

BDS Tyranny in the Arts - Matisyahu Banned

Spaans festival weert joodse zanger Matisyahu

Joodse zanger Matisyahu toch welkom op Spaans festival

The Modern Myth - Palestine

Historic Fact-Questions .....
Historic Fact-Questions the international world-powers/community, who support a ‘palestinian’ state (the two-state ‘solution’), cannot answer!

donderdag 20 augustus 2015

Four Rockets Hit Northern Israel from Syria, a massive escalation on our border

Four rockets hit Israel Thursday afternoon in the Upper Galilee region in the north near the Lebanese border after “color red” warning sirens were sounded in the area – in an attack that comes even as the IDF is preparing for rocket attacks from Gaza.

The rockets were fired from Syria. No injuries were reported, and the IDF released a statement saying it is investigating the incident.

“Four rockets were launched from the Syrian Golan Heights, landing in the Upper Galilee and the Israeli Golan Heights,” the IDF said in a statement. “No injuries have been reported.”

Two of the explosions hit the Golan Heights and two hit the “finger” region of the Upper Galillee. They hit open ground and caused no injuries.

A fire has been set off by the blasts adjacent to a town in the area and firefighters are currently working to put it out.

Sirens were heard before the strikes to the east of Kiryat Shmona, in the towns of Gonen, Kfar Blum, Kfar Szold, Lahavot Habashan, Neot Mordechai,Amir, Sde Nehamia and Shamir.


IDF strikes in Syria after five rockets land in northern Israel

A Poem by Rabbi Kook: For Third of Elul, His 80th Yahrzeit

Memorial to the First Chief Rabbi of Israel, founder of Religious Zionism

August 18, 2015 - gimmel Elul, marks the 80th yahrzeit of Rabbi (Rav) Avraham Yitzchak Hakohen Kook zt"l, the first Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel, often called Hare'ayah Kook, an acronym of his name.

Rav Kook was a leader who stood up to the British Parliament in support of the Balfour Declaration when he found himself stranded there at the outbreak of WWI, lived in Jaffa (Yaffo) which was the seat of secular Zionism so as to be the voice of Torah there and only later moved to Jerusalem at the request of its noted rabbis where he established and headed the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva and agreed reluctantly to become Chief Rabbi of the Holy City..

Rabbi Kook was an outstanding Torah luminary and decisor, but at the same time a prolific poet, mystic, philosopher and intrepid leader, founder of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel which he saw as the spiritual leadership of the state-to-be. He is considered the founder of Religious Zionism.

Following is a poem of Rav Kook entitled "Im Tirzeh Ben Adam" with an English translation and a UTube video featuring a beautiful musical interpretation of this poem in Hebrew

אם תרצה בן אדם
הסתכל באור השכינה
התבונן בפלאי היצירה
בחיי האלוקות שלהם

דע את המציאות
שאתה חי בה
דע את עצמך
ואת עולמך
עלה למעלה עלה
כי כוח עז לך
יש לך כנפי רוח
כנפי נשרים אבירים
אל תכחש בם
פן יכחשו לך
דרוש אותם
ויימצאו לך מיד
- הרב קוק
"אורות הקודש"

If you desire to, human being, look at the light of God’s Presence
Gaze at the wonders of creation, at their Divine life.
Know the reality in which you live.
Know yourself and your world.

Rise up.
Rise up, for you have the strength to do so.
You have wings of the spirit, wings of powerful eagles.
Do not deny them, or they will deny you.
Seek them, and you will find them in a flash.

Orot Hakodesh I, pp. 83-84